Architectural Lighting Design

Architectural lighting has an ability to influence our perception of things, it can be used to make an impact or it can be used discreetly.

Use it to put the focus on something important or use it discreetly to create shadows and make a space more cosy and inviting. Architectural lighting can be used in numerous ways to create the perfect atmosphere in any space.

LED Strip lighting or linear lighting is widely used to highlight outlines of designs, buildings or accentuate features within a room such as under cabinets, in the kitchen or bathroom.

Our range provide numerous options in emphasising the features and interiors of a space. Speak to our sales consultants on how we can best utilise lighting to your space.

Architectural lighting

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Architectural Lighting Sydney

Actwell Lighting, a premier architectural lighting supply and design specialist, have been supplying to numerous residential and commercial projects in Sydney and throughout Australia. With over 30 years of lighting experience, we work closely with our clients from Architects, Electrical Engineers, Engineers, Interior Designers and more.

We will work with you from small intimate spaces to large shopping centers and multiple apartment complexes. If you have a lighting vision you want to bring to life, the Actwell team are with you every step of the way to make it happen.