What is UGR (Unified Glare Rating)?

Why is it Important to Consider in Lighting?

what is Unified Glare Rating

UGR or Unified Glare Rating is a method used to calculate the glare caused by luminaires.

The UGR calculation method helps lighting designers create lighting schemes in a way so that they avoid any discomfort of misplaced light. Unified Glare Rating is an indicative rating for glare based on direct sets of circumstances in lit environments. For example, offices, businesses, and street lights.

The UGR rating helps determine how likely a luminaire is to cause discomfort on the people and/or animals in and around the area. The classification ranges from 5 to 14 with the lower numbers indicating lower levels of glare.

Why UGR is Important to Consider in Lighting

Glare is a very common problem in workplaces, public areas as well as, on the roadways. The wrong luminaires can cause excessive brightness emitting from the light fitting itself or from reflective surfaces. In an office, a restaurant or even a home setting the glare from a light can be directly shining into a persons eyes. In addition lighting can reflect off computer screens, white boards, metallic surfaces, mirrors and windows. This glare can lead to issues such as headaches, loss of visual performance and damage to the eyes.

It is essential to have the correct balance in brightness and glare when designing the lighting. By selecting the right luminaire, the reflector and degree beam options, angling, as well as the correct wattage we are able to keep glare at a minimum and create the right environment.

Unified Glare Rating is calculated by using an equation that takes into account a number of factors. These factors might contribute to any glare caused by luminaire. Here are three factors that must be taken into account:

  1. The angle of the luminaires
  2. The luminance value (lumen output)
  3. The likelihood of glare
  4. The viewpoint at which the user is located
At Actwell Lighting one of our designers, or our collaborative electrical engineering clients, can calculate the UGR for each application for you.

On your next lighting project give us a call on (02) 9638 3333 and let us know how we can help.

What is UGR?

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